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seeds of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseeds of somethingseeds of somethingwrittenCAUSE something that makes a new situation start to grow and developseeds of change/victory The seeds of change in Eastern Europe were beginning to emerge.seeds of doubt/disaster/destruction etc (=something which makes a bad feeling or situation develop) Something Lucy said began to sow seeds of doubt in his mind. seed
Examples from the Corpus
seeds of somethingDiscontent in women interested him; it gave him a conversational opening, a place to plant his seeds of compassion.The report planted seeds of doubt in Sally's mind about the future of the research project.In this sense such systems contain the seeds of their own destruction.But the task force contained the seeds of its own destruction.The very behaviors that gay activists had spent years promoting seemed to have contained the seeds of disaster.In the manner of converted preachers, he exaggerated the seeds of corruption sown in his youth.One needs to look directly for the seeds of potential attitudinal positions.They think they're wooing the masses; instead they're sowing the seeds of their comeuppance.You may consider the susceptibility as the soil in which the seeds of disease are sown.
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