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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseeingsee‧ing /ˈsiːɪŋ/ conjunction spoken  BECAUSEbecause a particular fact or situation is trueseeing as I won’t stay long, seeing as you’re busy. Oh, all right, seeing as it’s you (=used to agree humorously to someone’s request).
Examples from the Corpus
seeing asThat seems believable, too, seeing as how he no longer can take out his frustrations on Sundays.This struck them as strange, seeing as how it was only just after four in the morning.I just slipped that in seeing as how you congratulated me on my history.Well, seeing as how you just lost one of your men, you might think about hiring some one to replace him.Seeing as it's your birthday, why don't we go out for a meal?And seeing as it was my brainchild, would you not say it was possibly the best commercial of all time?I'd better do it myself, seeing as no one else wants to do it.The D-32 is very Martin D-28 in character - not surprising, seeing as that's what it basically is.I thought you might like that, seeing as you're so keen on birds and that.But, seeing as you won't tell me anything, I have to use other sources.
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