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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseekerseek‧er /ˈsiːkə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TRY TO DO OR GET somethingsomeone who is trying to find or get somethingjob-/attention-/publicity- etc seeker a brilliant politician and a ruthless power-seeker asylum seeker
Examples from the Corpus
seekerThe new system will not affect asylum seekers who are already living in the capital and the southeast.We will introduce improved welfare and legal rights for genuine asylum seekers and establish substantive rights of appeal.His crackdown on asylum seekers and his humiliating voucher system are reprehensible.Other career seekers are more interested in venturing into uncharted waters.As the 1960s ended and the wave of neo-oriental spirituality began to decline, the seekers began to look elsewhere.Fatigue and the rigors of the climate decimated most of the seekers.job-/attention-/publicity- etc seekerA job seeker used that tactic when he made a call to Miller recently.Anyway, Alison, that vicar of yours sounds a real attention seeker.Assistance with child care costs was also important for 79 percent of job seekers with children in day care.Miller was on the phone right away and offered to meet with the job seeker personally later in the week.Other publicity seekers had had their thunder stolen.What advice would the Secretary of State offer that young lady, apart from consulting the job seekers charter?What he is not is a publicity seeker.What Mr Saez, and hundreds of other job seekers discovered, was that the supply of economics jobs is shrinking.
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