Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old Norse
Origin: sœma 'to be appropriate to', from sœmr 'appropriate'


seem S1 W1 [linking verb, not in progressive]
1 to appear to exist or be true, or to have a particular quality:
Ann didn't seem very sure.
It seems a foolish decision now.
seem to do something
The rainbow seemed to end on the hillside.
seem important/right/strange etc to somebody
Doesn't that seem weird to you?
it seems to somebody (that)
It seems to me you don't have much choice.
it seems (that)
It seemed that Freeman had killed the man, and dumped the body in the lake.
it seems likely/unlikely/reasonable/clear (that)
It seems likely that he will miss Ireland's next match.
seem like
Teri seemed like a nice girl.
Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
We waited for what seemed like hours.
seem as if/as though/like
It seemed as if the end of the world had come.
It seems like you're catching a cold, Taylor.
'So Bill's leaving her?' ' So it seems (=it appears to be true).'

can't/couldn't seem to do something

used to say that you have tried to do something but cannot do it:
I just can't seem to relax.
3 used to make what you are saying less strong or certain, and more polite
seem to do something
I seem to have lost my car keys.
it seems (that)/it would seem (that)
It would seem that someone left the building unlocked.

seem, appear, look, sound
Seem and appear have the same meaning but appear is more formal They seem upset. This appears to be a good solution. You use look to say how someone or something seems to you when you look at them Maureen looked tired. That book looks good. You use sound to say how someone or something seems to you when you hear or read about them, or hear them She sounds a lovely person. The party sounded great. He sounded tired.GRAMMARSeem can be followed by an adjective or an adjective and noun She seemed happy. He seems a nice man.Seem can also be followed by a verb in the infinitive His story seems to be true. You seem to think it's my fault.!! Seem can be followed by as if or as though but not just by as It seems a small thing (NOT it seems as a small thing), but it's very important. It seemed as if he wanted us to leave (NOT it seemed as he wanted ...).

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