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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishseeminglyseem‧ing‧ly /ˈsiːmɪŋli/ ●○○ adverb  1 SEEMappearing to have a particular quality, when this may or may not be true syn apparently seemingly unrelated bits of informationseemingly endless/impossible etc The new minister was faced with a seemingly impossible task.seemingly unaware/oblivious Alice was standing in the street, seemingly oblivious to the rain.2 [sentence adverb] formalSEEM according to the facts as you know them syn apparently There is seemingly nothing we can do to stop the plans going ahead.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesseemingly endless/limitless (=seeming to have no end or limit)We motored south through Finland's seemingly endless pine forests.seemingly impossibleWe are attempting to do something that is seemingly impossible.seemingly intractable (=seeming to be impossible deal with)Unemployment remained a serious, seemingly intractable problem.seemingly unaware/oblivious (=seeming not to notice something)She was seemingly unaware of all the activity around her.seemingly unrelated (=not seeming to be connected or related at all)The police were investigating three seemingly unrelated murders.seemingly innocuous/innocent (=seeming unlikely to cause any problems)Even seemingly innocuous questions can get an employer into trouble.
Examples from the Corpus
seeminglyI could see my hand, lying palm upwards and seemingly a great distance from me.She talked about the language for some time, seemingly against her better judgment, drawn by his earnest desire to learn.We now have a seemingly endless choice of TV channels.I looked down at the seemingly endless expanse of green of the Serengeti Plain.Running a mile in under 4 minutes was a seemingly impossible task.It is a long and seemingly insurmountable list of challenges to the health and survival of the reef.For several seemingly interminable seconds no one moved as the coolly brooding glance subjected her to a flagrantly masculine appraisal.Every year, in fact, seemingly more celebrations, demonstrations and displays mark its passing.One by one, the aged tottered in, each one seemingly more decrepit than the one before.There is seemingly nothing we can do to stop the plans from going ahead.Charles Nagy was the opposite, seemingly ready to be assisted out of Camden Yards a half-dozen times.It was pretty carefully set up: First, a report of a seemingly scientific study.The music was strange, seemingly without a melody.seemingly endless/impossible etcThick white branches arch as far out as the tree is tall, sometimes at seemingly impossible angles.Sexually menacing and effeminately feral, he prowled cat-like across the stage, perching on amps and lights in seemingly impossible positions.To some critics, this seemingly endless procession of school fund-raisers has a serious drawback.The measure of his heart is how he deals with adversity and the way he overcomes a seemingly impossible situation.To these lands below, the Himalayas are a seemingly endless source of water, fertilizer and much else besides.However, the new minister on arrival soon found that he was faced with a seemingly impossible task.This is steering that manages the seemingly impossible: to be bad just about everywhere.There are few hills to break the seemingly endless vista of lakes and forests.
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