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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsegmentedseg‧ment‧ed /seɡˈmentɪd/ adjective  SEPARATEconsisting of separate parts that are connected to each other segmented worms
Examples from the Corpus
segmentedan insect's segmented bodyBut beneath its shell, the segmented character of the horseshoe crab is clear.Large spiders and segmented insects streamed ahead of her through the leaves, as if to escape attack.This is not the place to explore the subtleties of dual or segmented labour market theories.The project is an examination of the workings of a segmented labour market.It is a daunting task in a crowded, segmented marketplace where magazines rear up and expire as quickly as fruit flies.It is the demand and supply conditions in these segmented markets which help to determine the wage rates of different workers.They are primitive molluscs which have a curious segmented shell.
From Longman Business Dictionarysegmentedseg‧ment‧ed /segˈmentɪd/ adjectiveCOMMERCE a segmented area of business activity has many companies involved in it SYN FRAGMENTEDFar Eastern markets are more highly segmented.
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