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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsegregatedseg‧re‧gat‧ed /ˈseɡrɪɡeɪtɪd/ ●○○ adjective  SEPARATEa segregated school or other institution can only be attended by members of one sex, race, religion etc opp integrated a racially segregated education system
Examples from the Corpus
segregatedThe clubs reacted by increased policing of the fans and by herding them into segregated areas of the terraces.But in both these situations she is marked as unclean and is segregated, as in both cases she bleeds.His first public act was to preach in the biggest white church in this segregated city.He scrapped segregated dining rooms and often walked around barefoot and in casual dress, eating bananas.racially segregated public restroomsI could see using them if this were a segregated school.It is, indeed, the case that groups that are highly segregated show high degrees of in-marriage.Investors also benefited from the segregated system.Significantly, more recent housing in the same development has been constructed without either high-rise building or segregated traffic arrangements.
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