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seismicseis‧mic /ˈsaɪzmɪk/ adjective [only before noun]  1 technicalHEG relating to or caused by earthquakes increased seismic activity2 very great, serious, or important seismic changes in international relations
Examples from the Corpus
seismicBut the discovery of seismic activity suggests geological activity, which could provide large amounts of heat and minerals.an increase in seismic activityCompeting against time and against one an-other, they tweaked and massaged the raw seismic data with complex computer models.Burial histories have been plotted at several well locations based on a stratigraphic interpretation of well and seismic data.The findings could lead to improved seismic safety standards at nuclear plants.Some studies showed the seismic waves that passed through it speeding up; others showed them slowing down.
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