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seismographseis‧mo‧graph /ˈsaɪzməɡrɑːf $ -ɡræf/ noun [countable]  HEGTMan instrument that measures and records the movement of the earth during an earthquake
Examples from the Corpus
seismographHis life has measured the ups and downs as faithfully as a seismograph.But a seismograph is a handy thing to have.To stop the turntable behaving like a seismograph, it is suspended on isolating springs.He found places where the waves bounced off the boundary and then returned to the surface near a large bank of seismographs.Earthquake magnitudes are calculated according to ground motion recorded on seismographs.Check the seismograph for past emotional earthquake and trauma.Check your seismograph, asking yourself when you last gave priority to seeking genuine answers to your faith questions.
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