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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-adhesiveˌself-adˈhesive adjective  STICKa self-adhesive envelope, bandage etc has a sticky surface and does not need liquid or glue to make it stay closed
Examples from the Corpus
self-adhesiveSome have to be stuck to the floor with special vinyl flooring adhesive; but many are now self-adhesive.Then apply a coat of bituminous primer and bed a strip of self-adhesive flashing tape along it.Being self-adhesive it only needs wetting and sticking on.That one's broken down by business size, and all of them are available on cheshire or self-adhesive labels.Using a self-adhesive laminate in a smart new woodgrain finish, we resurfaced these doors and drawers in a day.This will include the self-adhesive, non-slip table covering called Scoot Guard.Special radiator foils sold complete with self-adhesive pads are better.They usually come with self-adhesive pads, so it can be mounted anywhere in the vicinity of the tank.
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