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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-assessmentˌself-asˈsessment noun [uncountable]  1 when you judge your own work or progress2 British English when someone who works for themselves calculates how much tax they should pay
Examples from the Corpus
self-assessmentSelf-assessment is a key feature of the module and students should set targets for themselves based on their initial self-assessment.To the extent that it avoids medical bureaucracy and so on, it is an improvement, but self-assessment is a radical change.A man with his knowledge, humour and candid self-assessment must make an excellent instructor.In the music and drama departments visited the approach to this kind of informal self-assessment tended to be more verbal and group-based.General information Major areas of interest at work and leisure, self-assessment of strengths and weaknesses, ambitions.By providing the means of sensitive self-assessment it will encourage continuous self-monitoring and progress.His plans to introduce income tax self-assessment and to reduce the audit burden were welcomed last night by small business organisations.This teacher obviously felt that self-assessment helped her children to have a clearer idea of what marks and grades referred to.
From Longman Business Dictionaryself-assessmentˌself-asˈsessment [countable, uncountable]TAX a tax system in which people present information on how much they have earned and calculate for themselves how much tax they have to pay in a particular yearFor self-assessment to work, the tax has to be simple enough for taxpayers to be able to fill in their own tax returns. assessment
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