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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-assuredˌself-asˈsured adjective  CONFIDENTcalm and confident about what you are doing opp hesitantsee thesaurus at confidentself-assurance noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
self-assuredA woman's voice came on the line, firm and self-assured.Reggie and Mary opposite each other, so amiable and self-assured.There is a warmth and a radiance about her; her movements are measured, self-assured.Expression is noble, alert and self-assured.Having done this many times before, she was self-assured and spoke without notes.His voice, too, was as sincere, as unwavering and self-assured as ever.On the surface Dana was calm and self-assured, but I knew that this wasn't completely the case.He could take a joke, and put on such an ironic self-assured face no one felt bad laughing.His movements were far too quick and self-assured for her efforts to succeed.Hapless, hopelessly clumsy Gilligan is washed ashore along with the competent, self-assured skipper.His appearance gives an immediate impression of determination and courage; his demeanour is self-assured, steady and fearless.
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