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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-awarenessˌself-aˈwareness noun [uncountable]  KNOW somethingknowledge and understanding of yourself syn self-knowledgeself-aware adjective
Examples from the Corpus
self-awarenessA generation loses itself in an inner world of feeling and self-awareness, oblivious of outside forces.For most of us, however, positive thinking and self-awareness can be learned.Between the two lies balanced self-awareness.Steiner promotes greater self-awareness in her books.Which has the greater self-awareness, a fish or a four-month-old foetus?This process can be painful and revealing but it leads to greater self-awareness - the first step to unambiguous communication.Second, the process of increasing self-awareness is itself an essential prerequisite for emotional health.But history is a vital element in national self-awareness.Only liberal applications of self-awareness, preferably with some therapeutic detergent, will enable you to leave it at home.
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