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self-cateringˌself-ˈcatering adjective [usually before noun] British English  DLTrelating to a holiday in which you stay in a place where you can cook your own foodself-catering accommodation/apartment/cottage etcself-catering noun [uncountable] Prices start from £114 per person for seven nights’ self-catering.
Examples from the Corpus
self-cateringThis follows the same principles as the Crown Scheme but for self-catering accommodation.Seven nights self-catering at Dassia's Pergola Studios is £184-£259.Each - a one week self-catering holiday for two - minimum Tjaereborg rating 3-star ... in the Algarve Sun!They have special rates and inclusive hotel and self-catering holidays.Alternatively, fly with the same company on August 29 from Luton for seven-nights self-catering on the Costa Blanca for £219.If you prefer self-catering, prices start from £230 to £375.These self-catering units range in size from 10 to 62 students.Accommodations include several hotels and small inns, guest houses, farmhouses and self-catering units.self-catering accommodation/apartment/cottage etcIt was once a farmhouse, and now the outbuildings are being converted into self-catering accommodation.This follows the same principles as the Crown Scheme but for self-catering accommodation.Restaurants, self-catering accommodation and caravans have increased.All rooms for postgraduates in these self-catering apartments are single.In a converted stable and bath-house, self-catering accommodation is offered.The self-catering accommodation is similarly arranged by price.The house has been tastefully converted into self-catering apartments plus 16 modern holiday bungalows.
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