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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-congratulationˌself-congratuˈlation noun [uncountable]  SHOW OFFbehaviour that shows in an annoying way that you think you have done very well at somethingself-congratulatory / $ ˌ..ˈ...../ adjective a smug, self-congratulatory smile
Examples from the Corpus
self-congratulationExpect whoops of absurd self-congratulation if they do.We have heard 47 minutes of the most extraordinary self-congratulation and complacency that can have ever been heard.Bertha Cohen nodded, and Rev. Levitt smiled in self-congratulation.Yet it ought not to be long before some healthy doubts begin to disturb this mood of self-congratulation.Both the rhetoric of self-congratulation and self-flagellation have missed out how much Britain has changed since 1945.
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