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self-containedˌself-conˈtained adjective  1 COMPLETEcomplete and not needing other things or help from somewhere else to work a self-contained database package2 INDEPENDENT PERSONsomeone who is self-contained does not seem to need other people or show their feelings3 British EnglishDHH a self-contained apartment has its own kitchen and bathroom
Examples from the Corpus
self-containedBut his style was always to seem self-contained.All that Mrs Browning required of her, surely, was that she should be docile and self-contained and grateful.It helps you see your points in one self-contained area.Nor is the law as self-contained as social security law; many employment cases require a command of principles of contract law.As with any isolated and largely self-contained community the agricultural village was often the object of a fierce loyalty among its inhabitants.a self-contained heating unitIt too is a self-contained sys-tem yet open at the same time.A closed loop is a self-contained unit that has no identifiable beginning or end, like a circle or an integrated circuit.The model 311 gas chromatograph is a self-contained unit with an isothermal oven, heated injector and detectors.
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