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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-defeatingˌself-deˈfeating adjective  FAILcausing even more problems, or causing exactly the same problems and difficulties that you are trying to prevent or deal with Constant dieting can be self-defeating.
Examples from the Corpus
self-defeatingAttempts to stir up nationalistic feeling at such times are bound to be self-defeating.Flagrant disregard for the evidence freely available in libraries at home and abroad was self-defeating.So there you have it: narrowly self-interested behaviour is ultimately self-defeating.The equal opportunities strategy is, the writers claim, likely to be self-defeating.It's time to end the self-defeating cycle of overeating and dieting.They learn to then shift from negative, self-defeating internal dialogue towards positive, more realistic, and confidence-building self-speech.Members of a self-defeating organiza-tion are, as a result of prior negative experiences, inclined to believe the worst.As this diagram suggests, a self-defeating organiza-tional behavior pattern is more than a single misguided strategy or reaction.In self-defeating organizations, poor performance comes to resemble this sort of eternally perpetuating cycle.Why do the retraining efforts of self-defeating organizations tend to create at least as many difficulties as they resolve?
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