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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-denialˌself-deˈnial noun [uncountable]  NOT HAVEwhen you do not do or have the things you enjoy, for moral or religious reasonsself-denying adjective
Examples from the Corpus
self-denialShe had always shown patience and self-denial when it came to the matter of other people's inventions.Virginity, voluntary poverty, and self-denial had long been admired.Second, to remove the standard dessert from the menu would penalise all those people who derive pleasure from conspicuous self-denial.By these standards, the monks' self-denial seems tame.For the exceptional practitioner of self-denial a special prize is in store.Brocklehurst visits the school to lecture the students on self-denial and the horrors of the lusts of the flesh.There is the self-denial of the musician who devotes all her time and energy to mastering her musical instrument.But in our society the self-denial of which we speak has a moral dimension which is not strongly recognised in all civilisations.
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