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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-directedˌself-diˈrected adjective  responsible for judging and organizing your own work, rather than getting instructions from other people
Examples from the Corpus
self-directedThe guilt, anxiety, fear or anger still stem from within but are not, at least consciously, self-directed.Finally, she lists the intellectual pursuit model, which is self-directed and self-motivated by intellectual curiosity.Clarity appears in those self-directed exhortations of the novelist to elucidate Raskolnikov's motive for murder.In the self-directed format, the client works with minimal therapist consultation, using a self-help manual.This gives learners guidance in their self-directed learning, and encourages a problem-solving approach to care.The development of self-presentation, self-advocacy and of self-directed learning should all be central features of this phase of education.There are, however, cases of apparently self-directed learning that may admit of another explanation.Cheap labor power is not useful unless these workers can be made to give up their notions of self-directed work.
From Longman Business Dictionaryself-directedˌself-diˈrected adjective [only before a noun] American English1FINANCE a self-directed PENSION is managed by the employee rather than his or her employer, and allows the employee to sell or move any investments they have in the company they work forEmployees who change jobs can move their retirement account into their new employer’s plan, or into a self-directed IRA (=individual retirement account).2HUMAN RESOURCES self-directed workers are responsible for organizing and judging their own work, rather than taking instructions from managers SYN self-managed BrEThe self-directed operating teams have been formally organized, and the middle managers told of their new responsibilities.
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