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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-disciplineˌself-ˈdiscipline noun [uncountable]  CONTROLthe ability to make yourself do the things you know you ought to do, without someone making you do them A lot of the kids seemed to lack self-discipline.self-disciplined adjective
Examples from the Corpus
self-disciplineTaking part in plays teaches kids focus and self-discipline.We try to teach the children self-reliance and self-discipline.Obviously knowledge as well as self-discipline is necessary to prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment.Both demonstrated self-discipline by keeping their answers within the time allowed under debate rules negotiated by the rival campaigns.I don't know if I've enough self-discipline to work full-time and go to night school.His self-discipline had been forged and tempered by years of training.Hence they have too little self-discipline, too little sense of the appropriate.Ideally, it promotes self-discipline, controlled aggression and individual sacrifice in the interest of the team.If there is not some self-discipline, that is exactly what happens.They lacked the academic habits and the self-discipline of some of the others; their relative fluency masked deeper problems.And, in part, they are not successful because they lack the self-discipline to stay on task.
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