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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-doubtˌself-ˈdoubt noun [uncountable]  CONFIDENT#the feeling that you and your abilities are not good enough a moment of self-doubt
Examples from the Corpus
self-doubtBut tormented though I was with guilt and self-doubt, I knew I had crossed the Rubicon.It had been a year of hardship and self-doubt, but for the most part the new managers had persevered.Pete Sampras's opponents might have hoped he was going to disintegrate in pain and self-doubt at this Wimbledon.Neglect yourself and self-doubt begins to creep in and that swiftly turns to depression.They are often shy, fragile, and preoccupied with feelings of self-doubt.The seeds of self-doubt germinate easily in such sad soil, and flourish in such desolate climates.Check his scorched-earth vocals for the sound of self-doubt.But momentum was the thing - self-doubt came sneaking in as soon as they let up.
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