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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-effacingˌself-efˈfacing adjective  MODESTnot wanting to attract attention to yourself or your achievements syn modest a quiet self-effacing manself-effacement noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
self-effacingIn those days women were expected to be quiet, passive and self-effacing.As a race the Brits may sometimes be too self-effacing for our own good.Physically attractive and possessed of considerable personal charm, his demeanour was self-effacing, gracious and polite.She'd been almost too self-effacing, he thought.Jack faced this minor crisis with typical self-effacing humor.Her husband was a quiet, self-effacing man who spent much of his time in his study.A shy, self-effacing man, Williams was self-taught, and showed an independent and determined intellectual curiosity.They were brilliant, self-effacing men.Purple sandpipers arc the most self-effacing of birds.Most guitarists know people who can outplay them in some way and so most register somewhere on the meek and self-effacing scale.But regarding 2 this teacher was not especially charismatic - in fact more self-effacing than naturally the centre of attention.
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