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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-evidentˌself-ˈevident adjective formal  OBVIOUSclearly true and needing no more proof syn obvious self-evident truthsit is self-evident (that) It is self-evident that childhood experiences influence our adult behaviour.see thesaurus at obvious
Examples from the Corpus
self-evidentA lot of these things honestly involve real debates over ideas ... and the answers are not self-evident.The benefits that will accrue following economic recovery are self-evident.The narrowness of this interpretation is self-evident.And compared with so self-evident a need, the matter of where the money was to come from was quite irrelevant.The facts in this case are self-evident and cannot be denied.Even the principle of democracy, which seems self-evident in the West is challenged elsewhere.It is self-evident to most people that the government is under no obligation to finance the arts.All feminists, however, demand dignity and autonomy as self-evident truths in the finest tradition of Western social theory.Sad to learn that those self-evident truths, necessary truths, faltered so badly when subjected to rigorous examination.it is self-evident (that)Yet it is self-evident that it may occur in other situations, most particularly in institutional care.
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