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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-importantˌself-imˈportant adjective  PROUDbehaving in a way that shows you think you are more important than other people – used to show disapproval a self-important pompous little manself-importance noun [uncountable]self-importantly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
self-importantThe other was older, tall as Trollope and had a surly self-important air about her.The chief inspector suddenly understood that the historian's self-important but indomitable spirit was housed in a broken body.As a waiter, he had grown to despise self-important customers.He was a choleric, self-important little man.He was one of those self-important little officials who made everyone call him "Sir".For some self-important reason, he felt it necessary to examine my action.Seeing beyond overt status People become self-important to counteract and to attack the fear that they are insignificant.Without the royal family, titles would be just that - forms of address for the self-important to dignify themselves.More self-indulgent self-important twaddle, the product of a rock star who really did believe his own press, his own myth.The history of the world becomes brutally self-important without love.
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