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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-interestˌself-ˈinterest noun [uncountable]  SELFISHwhen you only care about what is best for you, and do not care about what is best for other people His offer was motivated solely by self-interest.self-interested adjective
Examples from the Corpus
self-interestToo many leaders, motivated by self-interest, had failed to rise to the occasion.Our country's role in the world must be determined by economic self-interest.Or should we politicize the principle of altruism on the grounds that it is no more than enlightened self-interest?They also wondered if Morris's strategic thinking was unhinged from financial self-interest.Certain information is desired for enlightened national self-interest.In practice, however, motives for intervention are rarely entirely pure, and an element of self-interest usually obtrudes.The conservative is led by disposition, not unmixed with pecuniary self-interest, to adhere to the familiar and the established.Advertising is most effective when it appeals directly to people's self-interest.But such self-interest might prove misguided.But there were other considerations, too, of which self-interest was only one.
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