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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-knowledgeˌself-ˈknowledge noun [uncountable]  UNDERSTANDan understanding of your own character and behaviour
Examples from the Corpus
self-knowledgeMidlife is a time of maturity and self-knowledge.The worst effect of organised religion, he said, was its subversion of sincerity and self-knowledge.The years in isolation and adversity had deepened his self-knowledge and political awareness.My new self-knowledge told me that my personality, goals, and skills were best suited to the political arena.If the attainment of self-knowledge were easy, there would be nothing to be gained.Such a conspicuous lack of self-knowledge has its dangers.Within your personal achievements, however small, are the seeds of self-knowledge about your abilities, skills and potential.In psychiatric research and theory, self-knowledge could eventually replace objectivity as the basis for understanding.
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