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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-pityˌself-ˈpity noun [uncountable]  SAD/UNHAPPYthe feeling of being sad and depressed because you think that something unfair or unpleasant has happened to you – used to show disapproval a note of self-pity in her voiceself-pitying adjective a self-pitying mood
Examples from the Corpus
self-pityAt times I nearly went crazy from loneliness, and from that most deceptive enemy of all: self-pity.Though it was easier than I could have hoped, my pride and self-pity would not admit it.He can lapse into playground language at moments of stress, or even, at one point, some pompous Hancockian self-pity.Nor was he a man who wallowed constantly in self-pity.To cry about them meant I was engaging in self-pity and whining.Tears of self-pity, perhaps, tears of anger and impotence certainly.If you feel a wave of self-pity coming on, go and talk about it with friends.Jenny told her story without any of the self-pity that I thought I would feel after such an ordeal.Haslet never gave in to self-pity, despite her illness.Negative emotions are such feelings as fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, impatience, worry, self-pity, etc.
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