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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-proclaimedˌself-proˈclaimed adjective  THINK/HAVE THE OPINION THAThaving given yourself a position or title without the approval or agreement of other people – used to show disapproval a self-proclaimed champion of the working class
Examples from the Corpus
self-proclaimedHe is the self-proclaimed champion of the huge and virtuous middle class, to which everyone but Bill Gates belongs.So many people are self-proclaimed environmentalists that it doesn't mean much anymore.Thus far, though, the undisputed king of chat is the self-proclaimed King of Pop, Michael Jackson.Yet no one who knew the man disputes that Robey might well have knocked down the self-proclaimed king of rock & roll.He is the self-proclaimed outsider who knows Washington; the former secretary of education who proposes to abolish the department.From his self-proclaimed position as guardian of the rightwing flock, he has become a sacrificial lamb.He held talks with governments and leaders of self-proclaimed republics and with opposition leaders.
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