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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-respectˌself-reˈspect noun [uncountable]  PRIDE/SELF-RESPECTa feeling of being happy about your character, abilities, and beliefsself-esteem It’s difficult to keep your self-respect when you have been unemployed for a long time.
Examples from the Corpus
self-respectSerious illness often results in a loss of confidence and self-respect.Poetry, popular culture and self-respect.Her pride and self-respect demanded it.Tom's job teaching young kids gives him pride and self-respect.Soon after the brouhaha, San Diegans' civic self-respect could soar.You have to have a little dignity and a little self-respect.Obviously, self-respect was not the same as disrespect.It was where physical prowess was under constant assessment and where a boy's self-respect could be built up or crushed.Yet its impact in allowing ordinary retired workers some self-respect was enormous.Those who retained sufficient self-respect and sense of responsibility to think of the future were filled with the deepest apprehension.
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