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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-respectingˌself-reˈspecting adjective [only before noun]  PRIDE/SELF-RESPECThaving respect for yourself and your abilities and beliefsno/any self-respecting ... would do something No self-respecting actor would appear in a porn movie.
Examples from the Corpus
self-respectingIt was the kind of station, and nobody tried to disguise it, where self-respecting disc jockeys were never found.Not that any self-respecting journalist would do that, of course.No self-respecting lady or gent would use it now.So far as any self-respecting mechanic was concerned, he knew nothing.It went without saying that the truly self-respecting native was the one who understood the indecency of aspiring beyond his station.As at any other self-respecting nursery, we always gathered ours up and burned them - but not these lads.Yet no self-respecting third-party candidate runs for election simply to destroy one big party and elevate the other.no/any self-respecting ... would do somethingBut no self-respecting Bubba would ever get this lost behind the wheel of a large vehicle.Not that any self-respecting journalist would do that, of course.
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