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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-righteousˌself-ˈrighteous adjective  GOOD/MORALproudly sure that your beliefs, attitudes, and morals are good and right, in a way that annoys other people – used to show disapproval syn sanctimonious She’s a vegetarian, but she’s not at all self-righteous about it.self-righteously adverbself-righteousness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
self-righteousWe have to learn tolerance, to look at our behaviour and to stop being self-righteous.I've got nothing against vegetarians, but some of them are so self-righteous!Bike riders seems to have this self-righteous attitude toward people in cars.This is the kind of self-righteous behaviour at which Mrs Thatcher's Government excels.But Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati, insists on offering a self-righteous lecture at the end of each program.Ego is the self-righteous martyr inside each of us.In this self-righteous mood he drove home.His grandparents were stern and self-righteous people.He had entered the police station in a storm of self-righteous protest and had been by turn hectoring, belligerent and spiteful.She watched him in self-righteous silence.He doubted her policies and the self-righteous way in which they were promoted.
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