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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-satisfiedˌself-ˈsatisfied adjective  PROUDtoo pleased with yourself and what you have done – used to show disapproval A self-satisfied smile settled on his face.see thesaurus at proudself-satisfaction noun [uncountable] a feeling of self-satisfaction
Examples from the Corpus
self-satisfiedIn contrast the style of shareholding encouraged by privatisation is secure, self-satisfied.He was in his early 40s and had the self-satisfied air of someone who has achieved fame and success.We shouldn't, however, go home fulfilled, self-satisfied and smug.Sonnenberg strolled in, his chin held up at a self-satisfied angle.They seemed to have a significance independent of the self-satisfied barristers and scurrying clerks who peopled them now.At last the self-satisfied crow ceased his terrible performance and took his bow.Casting a self-satisfied glance at me Shelly allowed herself to be picked up.Shiona scowled into his face with its arrogant high cheekbones, self-satisfied mouth and eyes as hard as sapphires.Doyle's self-satisfied smile irritated Haworth.What makes a second-rate actress like Jean so self-satisfied, so over-confident?As I watched in amazement, the partner gazed over her shoulder and gave me a big, mocking, self-satisfied wink.
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