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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishself-supportingˌself-supˈporting adjective  1 INDEPENDENT PERSONable to earn enough money to support yourself The business will soon become self-supporting.2 able to stand or stay upright without support self-supporting fencing
Examples from the Corpus
self-supportingIt is perhaps unfortunate, but true, that the United Kingdom is not self-supporting.This might be taken to imply that each Board should be financially self-supporting.Originally North Dalton was a self-supporting agricultural village with farming being the only means of employment.The city is on a self-supporting basis without patients, just by shipping the water to Hot Springs, Ark.Once the poles are secured the inner is a self-supporting dome.University athletic departments have to be self-supporting for the most part.How do we weave a self-supporting network out of random organisms?Their mutual self-supporting pose is continuously almost-falling, like a standing wave in a spring creek.
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