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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishselfishself‧ish /ˈselfɪʃ/ ●●○ adjective  SELFISHcaring only about yourself and not about other people – used to show disapproval How can you be so selfish? selfish behaviourselfishly adverb a small child behaving selfishlyselfishness noun [uncountable] a lack of greed and selfishnessTHESAURUSselfish thinking only about what you need or want, and not thinking about how other people feel or what other people want – used especially when criticizing a person or their behaviourAmy, don’t be selfish. Let the others have a turn.'I’m not doing this for selfish reasons, ' he said.It was a very selfish thing to do. egocentric (also self-centred British English, self-centered American English) believing that what you do and think is the most important thing, and not paying attention to what anyone else thinks or does – used when describing someone’s personalityTeenagers can be highly egocentric, and sometimes find it difficult to see another person’s point of view.Children start off as self-centred little beings and they do not naturally think of the other person.egotistical believing that you are better or more important than other peopleLike many famous writers I’ve met, he was arrogant and egotistical.He’s just another young player who has gone out of control in the increasingly egotistical world of professional sports.self-serving only thinking of getting advantages for yourselfPeople’s fears are exaggerated by self-serving politicians.They described the report as ‘self-serving and contradictory’. think of nobody but yourself (also only think about yourself) to only think of what you want to do, and not consider what other people want – often used when criticizing someone who does thisThe trouble with Alan is that he thinks of nobody but himself.Before I had children, I only thought about myself and what I wanted.it’s always me me me! informal used when criticizing someone for being selfishIt’s always me, me, me with you and I have had enough. I don’t need this – you’re welcome to yourself, my dear.
Examples from the Corpus
selfishHe's completely selfish.As a result, commercial interactions better society even though the interests of each participant are purely selfish.Please don't-it would be selfish and damaging.Sometimes it's all right to be a little selfish, and forget about everyone else for a change.Nepotism is selfish behaviour having the appearance of altruism since it benefits relatives as well as ones own concerns.You blamed Gran-gran for being selfish, but what about you?But it's a selfish family, I'd say.It's not that I'm selfish. I just don't loan out my tools anymore.If I was a selfish individual, I would be happy making $ 3-plus million a year.Amy, don't be selfish. Let the others have a turn.Any answer that is not basically a selfish one should be regarded with suspicion.Carter has never been a selfish player.She agreed to go along for purely selfish reasons.Content with humiliation, satisfied with disappointment, I had been too selfish to reach out.
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