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sell-by date

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sell-by dateˈsell-by date noun [countable] British English  1 BBTDFNthe date stamped on a food product, after which it should not be sold a yoghurt two days past its sell-by date2 informalOLD-FASHIONED a time beyond which something or someone is no longer interesting or useful This type of games console is starting to look well past its sell-by date.
Examples from the Corpus
sell-by dateDo women broadcasters have a sell-by date that doesn't apply to men?So, is there a sell-by date?Could a turkey with a sell-by date of Dec 27 really be off by Dec 25?But we can be reasonably sure that the drug company will not guarantee the potency of the sample beyond its sell-by date.The song may remain the same, but the advice has well passed its sell-by date.Tips for Buying Fresh Cheeses Always check the recommended sell-by date.The whole place is always going bad, marching relentlessly towards the sell-by date.Some privatised stocks are nearing their sell-by date.past ... sell-by dateIt was past it, a goner, way past its sell-by date.past ... sell-by dateIt was past it, a goner, way past its sell-by date.
From Longman Business Dictionarysell-by dateˈsell-by date British EnglishCOMMERCE the last date that a product, especially food, should be sold SYN expiration date AmE, EXPIRY DATESome wine merchants have been selling the champagne past its sell-by date. date
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