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sell yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsell yourselfsell yourselfa) IMPRESSto make yourself seem impressive to other people If you want a promotion, you’ve got to sell yourself better. b) (also sell your body) to have sex with someone for money sell
Examples from the Corpus
sell yourselfDon't be negative or apologetic - remember you're selling yourself, and should highlight your good points.For the candidate the same basic rules of selling yourself apply as for one-to-one interviews.Now it is selling itself as the natural arena for developing companies in the new Länder.If you want a promotion, you've got to sell yourself better.She was going to sell herself - she has sold herself by now - and would have sold me - for supper.Still, one could not help but feel that with Last Supper Frank had sold himself short.Let the kids sell themselves the way the schools peddle their athletic programs.So I don't sell myself to him.You will be choosing the organization and then selling yourself to them, rather than relying solely upon answering newspaper advertisements.
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