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sellingsell‧ing /ˈselɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  BBTthe job and skill of persuading people to buy things a career in selling
Examples from the Corpus
sellingInstead, the dealers took the short-term view, judged that Clinton's credibility would suffer, and began selling.Five years ago rugby club chiefs were in favour of selling but the cricket club committee was firmly against.By definition the process excludes personal selling.Companies which utilize an aggressive sales policy, based on personal selling, are said to be adopting a push strategy.Of the two groups the former are more biassed towards persuasive selling, whilst the latter tend to be order-takers. 7.Consumer capitalism was founded on the selling of acquisitiveness.A sales channel is merely the route that goods take through the selling process from a supplier to a customer.By comparison, a market-orientated approach to selling concentrates on the needs of the buyer. 26.
From Longman Business Dictionarysellingsell‧ing /ˈselɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]1COMMERCEFINANCEwhen people sell products, services, shares etcThe dollar’s decline came amid hectic dollar selling in the Japanese currency market.In New York, dealers reportedheavy selling by investors from all around the world.Microsoft’sselling costs amounted to 33% of sales. see also cross-selling distress selling pyramid selling short selling2MARKETINGthe job and skill of persuading people to buy thingsA keen interest in selling is a requirement of the post.Production, sales, accounting and purchasing are all concerned with the making and selling of a product. direct selling hard selling inertia selling personal selling telephone selling3best-/top-/biggest-/hot-sellingCOMMERCE a best-selling, top-selling etc product is very successful and many people have bought itUntil a few months ago, it was the best-selling PC in the US.Stephen King is already one of thetop-selling authors in publishing history.4selling agent/brokerCOMMERCE a person or company paid to sell property, goods etc for a customerViewing is by arrangement with the sole selling agents (=the only company involved in the sale of something, especially property).
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