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selling point

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selling pointˈselling point noun [countable]  BBMa particular quality that something has which will make people want to buy it Small classes are a selling point for private schools. USP
Examples from the Corpus
selling pointCorporations also believe that the name of their company is as important a selling point as are the names of individual products.Security features are a big selling point, too.Its selling point is portability: it will fit into the palm of a hand.The company says another possible selling point is that the program might make an attractive site for advertising.Its innovation and principal selling point was that it bills by the second rather than by the minute.Very generous pupil - teacher ratios is a feature that prep schools use as a strong selling point to parents.One of the car's strongest selling points is its V-12 engine.The 75's unique selling point was its Britishness.
From Longman Business Dictionaryselling pointˈselling ˌpointMARKETING a feature of a product that makes it sell wellA selling point for houses around here is the amazing lake view. point
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