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selling price

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selling priceˈselling price noun [countable]  BBTCOSTthe price at which something is actually soldasking price
Examples from the Corpus
selling priceThe £450,000 selling price was nearly a third under its value.An average of 10 to 14 percent of the record's retail selling price is the average for a new band.The Northern responded to three newspaper advertisements placed by people selling the sought-after vouchers and asked the selling price.Believe it or not there was lively bidding for this slice of history at Christies ... the selling price was 990 pounds.This is a percentage of the selling price of these music products.Retailers can expect a 35-38 percent share of the selling price.
From Longman Business Dictionaryselling priceˈselling price [countable]COMMERCE the price at which something can be bought, or at which it has been soldUnion Carbide’s earnings are likely to be cut in half by lower selling prices for polyethylene. price
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