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SellotapeSel‧lo‧tape /ˈseləteɪp, -loʊ- $ -lə-, -loʊ-/ noun [uncountable] trademark British English  DHthin clear plastic tape that is sticky on one side, used for sticking things together a roll of Sellotapesellotape verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
SellotapeThe situation was saved by Sellotape, safety-pins and a few strategically placed orchids.She tried double Sellotape, but every time her belly went in, the ruby popped out.It started off with her taking my Sellotape.Magnets are stuck on to the back of stiff paper shapes by a strip of Sellotape.He divided the carpet into sections and painstakingly covered it with strips of Sellotape.Make your own kidney dialysis machine using an old cereal packet, some Sellotape and a used toilet roll.It was sealed with Sellotape and staples, a real belt and braces job.He was so fond of them that he'd stuck them together with Sellotape.
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