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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsemblancesem‧blance /ˈsembləns/ noun   a/some semblance of something
Examples from the Corpus
semblanceHow the giant machine swayed and staggered - until Juron gained a semblance of proper rhythm.And so it went on: a series of intrinsically meaningless turns that gained a semblance of significance through weekly repetition.The Primarch's dead limbs were momentarily restored, all be it clad in a semblance of translucent rotting tissue.Old Chao puckered his face into a semblance of pain.The Celtics put it into overdrive in the third, effectively ending any semblance or thought of competition for the night.Indeed for most of the first half Iron struggled to find any semblance of the form they later displayed after the interval.There will be just enough time for some semblance of the democratic process within the party to operate.Our people are denied even the semblance of political power, electing careerist politicians who allegedly represent our interests.
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