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semisem‧i /ˈsemi/ noun (plural semis) [countable] 🔊 🔊 1 British English informalDHH a semi-detached house 🔊 a three-bedroomed semi2 informalDS a semi-final3 American EnglishTTR a very large heavy truck consisting of two connected parts, which carries goods over long distances syn articulated lorry British English
Examples from the Corpus
semi• Outside, the once-respectable semis have crooked To Let signs and greying net curtains.• Phebus beat Stanford's Ania Blezynski in the semis.• Leicester won their semi against Gloucester 19-15.
semi-semi- /semi/ prefix 🔊 🔊 1 XXexactly half 🔊 a semicircle2 PARTLYpartly but not completely 🔊 in the semi-darkness 🔊 semi-literate people3 XXhappening, appearing etc twice in a particular period 🔊 a semi-weekly visit 🔊 a semi-annual publication → bi-
Examples from the Corpus
semi-• a semi-invalid
From Longman Business Dictionarysemi-semi- /semi/ prefix1used to show that something happens, appears etc twice in a particular period of timeWe hold a semi-weekly meeting for all team leaders.2used to show that something is partly but not completely doneRaw materials andsemi-finished goods rose 0.6%.He describes himself as semi-retired, but remains on several boards.