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semi-automaticˌsemi-autoˈmatic (also semiautomatic American English) /ˌsemiɔːtəˈmætɪk◂ $ -ɒːtə-/ adjective  PMWa semi-automatic weapon moves each bullet into position ready for you to fire, so that you can fire the next shot very quicklysemi-automatic noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
semi-automaticHe could remember the suppressed clattering noise of the firing on semi-automatic.There's also 2 Smith and Wesson revolvers and a Beretta semi-automatic.In the late 1960's, a Volkswagen car took 19 man-hours to build, thanks largely to semi-automatic aids.The manufacture and sale of nine types of foreign and domestic semi-automatic assault weapons would also be prohibited for three years.The Fordist labour process base is semi-automatic assembly-line production on the Detroit model.It had a dolphin-shaped nose and a semi-automatic gearbox.A police officer armed with a semi-automatic gun stood guard.For 20-30 minutes he fired at lunchtime diners with two large-capacity ammunition clip semi-automatic pistols, before finally killing himself.
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