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semicirclesem‧i‧cir‧cle /ˈsemiˌsɜːkəl $ -ɜːr-/ noun [countable]  HMhalf a circlein a semicircle About 50 children sat in a semicircle around me.semicircular /ˌsemiˈsɜːkjələ◂ $ -ˈsɜːrkjələr◂/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
semicircleThe gallery at the top formed a semicircle with wings branching out on either side.The teacher had arranged the desks in a semicircle.The porch is a semicircle of giant Ionic columns running the full height of the house.The radiating ribs of a fan are of equal length and the bounding line is in the form of a semicircle.A semicircle of chairs faced his desk.Behind the beach is a huge semicircle of limestone cliffs.I looked through the window, a large semicircle that extended almost to the ceiling.The line formed a two-mile semicircle along the bank of a small creek that was fringed with woods.Grouped around one car in a respectful semicircle, they stared, their eyes fixed to one window.Britta was still at her post, standing in the semicircle of two-D screens.in a semicircleI backed around in a semicircle, looking for a way out.We all gathered on chairs in a semicircle round the hearth.Sitting on the ground in a semicircle for their first lesson, their faces radiate interest, hope and curiosity.More like an amphitheatre, with rows of seats in semicircles high up at the back.And as she stood, she saw a dozen men enter the room to stand in a semicircle around her.
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