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seminalsem‧i‧nal /ˈsemɪnəl/ adjective  1 formalAIMPORTANT a seminal article, book etc is important, and influences the way things develop in the future a seminal study of eighteenth-century France2 [only before noun] technicalHBH producing or containing semen
Examples from the Corpus
seminalGetting back to the problem, say you start with Led Zeppelin, a seminal electric blues band.Chuck Berry is one of the seminal figures of rock 'n' roll.Ford, among seminal figures of the day, got the Dos Passos treatment.It was smelly, acidy, like seminal fluid.Basically he was already an immortal-a seminal influence and an inspiration to many other musicians.But Willadsen's cloned lamb was seminal nevertheless, in concept and in technique.It has become one of the basic and seminal texts in the sociological study of this topic.We begin by looking at one of the seminal theories of soccer spectator disorder, the Marxist approach of Ian Taylor.
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