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SemiticSe‧mit‧ic /səˈmɪtɪk/ adjective  1 a) SAbelonging to the race of people that includes Jews, Arabs, and, in ancient times, Babylonians and Assyrians b) SLLrelating to any of the languages of these people2 SAanother word for Jewish anti-Semitic at anti-Semite
Examples from the Corpus
SemiticIn he north they had merged with the Semitic colonists from Arabia to produce the civilization of Aksum.This is because Western religion has come from a Semitic origin where life was serious as befits a desert people.Meleager was very conscious of his Semitic origins.He was also gaunt and cadaverous, and as dark as the Semitic people of the Holy Land.Anti-semitism was not ended, but was transferred to other Semitic peoples, the Arabs.I tan easily, being of Semitic stock.
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