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send/give your love (to somebody),

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsend/give your love (to somebody), send/give your love (to somebody)send/give your love (to somebody), send/give somebody your loveLOVE to ask someone to give your loving greetings to someone else when they see them, write to them etc Aunt Mary sends her love. love
Examples from the Corpus
send/give your love (to somebody), Dad and Charles send their love.I am fine and your family is in good health and send their love.Now I am alone except for this unwilling stranger and even to him I gave my love freely. 6.Of course, she sent her love to Jean.Open now your hearts to me; give your love to me.Please give my love to Christopher - will speak to you soon.Please send me a couple of views of St Albans. Give my love to Kitty.We are all fine and Chris and Nick send their love.
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