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send word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsend wordsend wordformalTELL to tell someone something by sending them a letter or messagesend word (to somebody) that/of something They sent word to the king of their arrival. send
Examples from the Corpus
send wordHe sent word, but never sent for them.When Lee learned what the Federals were doing, he sent word for his scattered columns to converge west of Gettysburg.Jody sends word for the bus to take the girls back to the Hyatt hotel.He operates from Southern California and sends words of hope and encouragement worldwide.Finally he sent word that he was ready for her to come and marry him.The Lord of the Manor had sent word that he wished to see the players.Minu sent word that I should stay with her in Ghanerao.He had sent word to Eochaid, and the gates opened.
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