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sense/spirit of adventure

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsense/spirit of adventuresense/spirit of adventurewillingness to try new things, take risks etc Come on – where’s your sense of adventure? adventure
Examples from the Corpus
sense/spirit of adventureDole can opt for some one out of the blue, making a bold stroke and hoping to demonstrate a spirit of adventure.A secret always buoyed her up, gave her a sense of adventure.A sense of adventure, perhaps?The excitement gradually left them and the boyish sense of adventure seeped slowly away.We should strive for the same sense of adventure.It is like they embody the spirit of adventure, that sense of infinite newness.The atmosphere of the room was so different from any he had ever breathed that self-consciousness vanished in the sense of adventure.The sense of adventure felt by the pioneers of flight still remains with those who carry on the tradition of ballooning today.
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