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senselesssense‧less /ˈsensləs/ adjective  1 POINTLESShappening or done for no good reason or with no purpose Her death seemed such a senseless waste of life. a senseless crime2 MIunconscious He had been beaten senseless.senselessly adverbsenselessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
senselessa senseless act of terrorThe act was senseless and completely unnecessary.It was a senseless and cruel murder.They beat him senseless, and left him for dead.That contrast of tender sensibility and senseless brutality was etched into my mind, exposing the utter meaninglessness of violence and war.Motoring organisations slammed senseless drivers for travelling too fast.Knock it senseless every hour when it raised its fanged head and decided to sharpen its nasty little claws.Smashing up trains is such a senseless form of vandalism.This, not the senseless murmurings of useless words, is what quiets her, tells her she is precious.It was senseless to be despondent, anyway, even as Tom Ripley.And for that reason it was senseless to be despondent.It is only their courageous sacrifice and innate nobility that illuminates the bloody and senseless war they are involved in.We don't want our men and women to die in a senseless war.The suicide was described as a senseless waste of a young woman's life.beaten senselessDuring the fracas, a hand drier was pulled off the wall, and Mr Cunningham was beaten senseless with it.
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